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Village of Marlborough, Missouri

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7826 Wimbledon Drive

Marlborough, Missouri  63119

Telephone: 314.962.5055   Fax: 314.962.3453  






     Code enforcement is to protect the quality of life within village neighborhoods by seeking compliance with the Village of Marlborough's code requirements concerning exterior property maintenance.

     The purpose of ordinance enforcement is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and business of the Village.  This purpose includes protecting neighborhoods against hazardous and deteriorating conditions that contribute to the degradation of neighborhood property values.


     Code enforcement is accomplished through the use of the Village of Marlborough's Codebook.  Ordinances used are those having to do with public health, nuisances (such as noise), property code maintenance, and weeds / grass.  Village officials, police officers, staff, and citizens may file complaints with the village clerk's office (314.962.5055).  ALL complaints are handled anonymously.  The offender will not know who has registered the complaint.


     The procedure for complaint is as follows:

                                - Complaints are investigated

                                - If found to be viable, a letter is sent to the residence / business.  A timeframe for

                                      resolution is given.

                                - A follow-up inspection is made.  If the complaint has not been resolved, a second

                                      letter is sent, noting that the next step in resolution is a summons and court date.


     Click on the sub-page (located on the left-hand side of this page under "code enforcement" tab) for the most violated ordinances.


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Should you have any questions or would like to file a complaint, please call the Village Clerk at 314.962.5055.