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Village of Marlborough

7826 Wimbledon Drive, Marlborough, Missouri ~ 314.962.5055

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Welcome to the official website for the Village of Marlborough, Missouri!


Our mission is to support a quality of life that facilitates growth, safety, health, and prosperity for our residents, businesses, and visitors with a safe and thriving environment to live and work.  Village officials are committed to providing responsible and efficient services.






                      It is coming, whether we like it or not.

     As the winter season rapidly approaches, the Village is again requesting residents (when possible) to park in their driveways and off the streets.

     The Village usually does not start plowing until there is approximately 2 inch accumulation. The plow operators make slow and continuous passes through the Village and then will go back and start widening the passage.  The goal is to make the streets passable. If a car is parked in the street it prevents the section before and after the car not to be plowed and consequently, the car is plowed in.

     Also, when shoveling your sidewalks and driveways, PLEASE do not redeposit the snow back into the street.

           Salt has been delivered and ready for distribution


Some winter safety tips to prepare for a snow storm.


     Drivers are urged to keep fuel tanks filled, make sure windshield wipers are working, and keep the following items in their vehicle: a small shovel, sand or kitty litter for traction, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and a first-aid kit.

     During the storm, keep children away from roadways and do not let them play in snow banks made by plows.


     Should power outages occur, please contact Ameren UE at 1-800-552-7583. Do not approach any downed utility line. Report downed wires to Ameren at 1-800-552-7583 or Affton Fire at 314-353-7676 or St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341.



~ ~ ~

If you see a photo worthy holiday display in the Village, let us know!  We will try to capture the beautiful sight and put it on the website.





































"Baby, it's COLD outside..."



Ameren Missouri customers can reduce their heating bills by implementing energy-saving strategies.  Please share these tips with your communities on your websites, and feel free to mention us on Twitter @AmerenMissouri, and on Facebook, AmerenMissouri.  Stay warm and safe out there!


Energy Saving Strategies to Reduce your Winter Heating Bills:


• Keep the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower this winter. You save about 3 percent on your heating costs for each degree you lower your thermostat.

• Use a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of your home according to your family’s schedule – lowering the temperature when sleeping or away from home, and raising the temperature only as needed.

• Set water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for safety and energy savings. Lowering the setting of the water heater thermostat can save approximately 3 to 5 percent in energy costs..

• Heat only rooms that need to be warmed by closing vents and doors to unused rooms.

• Adequately insulate your home, which can reduce energy usage by up to 30 percent. In the Midwest, experts recommend 9 to 15 inches of insulation in an attic.

• Keep drapes and furniture from blocking air vents.

• Use weather stripping and caulk to reduce air leaks. Pay special attention to walls, ceilings, windows and vents in the basement. Air leaks in the basement are less noticeable, but cost money.

• During the winter, ceiling fans should move warm air away from the ceiling and down to the floor, so they need to run at a low speed in a clockwise direction (as you look up at it). The room will be more comfortable and heating costs will be lowered. It costs only about $2 a month to use ceiling and other fans to circulate air.


Check out the page titled, "What's New" regarding AmerenUE phone scams.




During the cold winter months, area drivers may be tempted to warm up their cars while they stay warm inside.  But cars left running, unlocked, and unattended are quick and easy targets for thieves.  STLCPD offers the following tips so you won’t be left out in the cold:
•    Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when are away from it, even for “just a minute.”
•    Keep valuables out of sight or in the trunk.  Purses, credit cards, and cell phones in plain view only help attract thieves.
•    Always roll up the windows and lock your car, even if it is in your driveway, garage, or in front of your home.

For more safety tips from our police officers, please check the section labeled "Police Department" on the right-hand side of this page.



DO NOT sweep your leaves and yard waste into the gutters, streets, or sewers.  The Village of Marlborough is a participant in the MSD consortium that works \with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The purpose of this consortium is to improve water quality in the St. Louis watersheds.  This is a mandatory participation.  There are many requirements imposed on the Village by the DNR and EPA.  Mandate guidelines include everything from salt usage, construction run-off, tree plantings, to yard waste and pet waste. 


IF you are sweeping your yard waste into the street or into the sewer or if you are caught dumping your pet's waste into the sewer, PLEASE STOP!  This only contaminates our storm water that eventually becomes our drinking water.  Follow this link to see what you can do to aid in the fight to reduce contaminates in our water.






     If you find yourself or your property in the dark ...check out the streetlights!  If while out and about in the Village and it gets dark...check out the streetlights!


     The Village pays AmerenUE a whooping $1800.00 a month for street lighting and we want them all lit and keeping your property illuminated!  If you see that the lights are out, let us know!  All we need is the location of the streetlight...either an address closest to the dark light, intersecting streets, the number listed on the pole (it will start with the letter "M", or just general location (we will try to find it!) .


     You can let us know about dark streetlights by either giving us a call at 314.962.5055 or by sending us a quick email using the "CONTACT US" section on the left-hand of this page.