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Village of Marlborough, Missouri

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7826 Wimbledon Drive

Marlborough, Missouri  63119

Telephone: 314.962.5055   Fax: 314.962.3453   Email:  


Welcome to the official website for the Village of Marlborough, Missouri!

Our mission is to support a quality of life that facilitates growth, safety, health, and prosperity for our residents, businesses, and visitors with a safe and thriving environment to live and work.  Village officials are committed to providing responsible and efficient services.






"Happening Around the Village"





The Village participates in St. Louis County's Community Development Home Improvement Program.  This program assist eligible homeowners in the municipality with a maximum expenditure of $5000 per household.  Those who meet eligibility requirements can apply for funds (not to exceed $5000) to be used for major items, such as roof, furnace, air conditioner repairs / replacement, foundation work, etc.


For more information, please contact: Office of Community Development


and reference the Village of Marlborough and the Home Improvement Program.


Street Improvements


Street Commissioner Keary Harrison & Chairman Skip Bornmueller have continued their work throughout the Village.  Sidewalks and potholes have been repaired and all signs have been replaced.


·   Snow equipment is ready for the winter season.   

 If you have a concern about the streets or sidewalks, please give us a call at



Winter Season

With winter season fast approaching, please be aware of the weather forecast.  If inclement weather, such and snow and ice, are predicted, the street department request that residents PARK IN YOUR DRIVEWAY. 


By parking in your driveway, you eliminate your car getting buried in snow, slush and ice.  You will only have to shovel a portion of your driveway and not your entire car.  You will reduced damage to your vehicle caused by the road salt.  It allows for better emergency egress.


Holiday Calendar

During the holiday season, Village Hall hours will be:

December 22nd - 7:30 - 11:30

December 25th - closed

December 31st - 7:30-11:30

January 1st - closed





Peddlers and Solicitors


    Recently, the ordinance regulating door to door salesman and solicitors has been updated.  Anyone knocking on your door to sell you something is required to have a license issued by the Village and a photo ID. If they don't, call our neighborhood police at the non-emergency number 636.529-8210.  If you prefer not to be bothered, place a "No Soliciting" or "No Trespassing" sign on your front entrance.   Please know that this does not apply to charitable organizations, such as the Girl Scouts.  They are NOT required to get a license.

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Check out

"Information You Can Use" for information on:


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Are you interested in serving on the Board of Trustees?  Election filing starts on December 12, 2017 at 8:00 am and ends on January 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm.  Filing can be done in the clerk office during regular business hours.

The village will elect two trustees to serve a two year term.  The trustee is required to attend two schedule meetings a month and is assigned a position on the board.  These positions deal with the day to day activities of the village.  A few of these positions deal with trash issues, code enforcement complaints, financial issues, sewer lateral issues, or serve on street department.




























Officer Jon Brannan, Marlborough's community officer, is starting up a "Neighborhood Watch Group". 

The Kick Off meeting will be on January 10th at 6:00 pm at Marlborough Village Hall at 7826 Wimbledon Drive.


The agenda for the first meeting discussion will cover:

  • Organization outline
  • When to make a report
  • What to report

If you are interested, please come to the meeting.  For more information, call Village Hall at 314.962.5055


              DEA Drug Take Back Program

 On October 28, 2017, St. Louis County Police Department participated in the DEA nationwide drug take back program.  Nationwide the DEA took back 456 TONS of old drugs.  Officers stationed at Village Hall collected 130 pounds.

For more information on the proper disposal of medications, please refer to the tab under "Police Department" on the left hand side of this page. 

County Night Out 

County Night Out on October 3rd was a huge success!  Thanks to Officer Brannan for organizing the event and to village officials and their spouses for all the cooking!  Affton Fire Department dispatched a truck and police had equipment available for checking on. 

Thanks to all who visited and participated.


County Night Out
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Suspicious Activity or Person?
 If you see or hear anything that is the police immediately!   If you believe it is an emergency situation call 911. If you believe it is not an emergency, but needs to be reported, call


Do not wait until the next day or the morning. Our officers are constantly patrolling the village; they could be one block from your house at the time of the incident. If you don't call, we can't help.

No concern is too small to check out.

For emergencies: CALL 911

For non-emergencies: CALL 636-529-8210


If there is something in your neighborhood or business that makes you uncomfortable, please call the police department first.




There have been incidents of car clouting reported all over the St. Louis County and City. 

 Car clouting is a smash and grab crime.  It, also, occurs when a driver leaves the car unlocked, or windows down, or anything that makes the car accessible.  This is easy for those who want to take your belongings.  All they have to do is just reach in and take your possessions.  No alarms go off alerting people of a break-in.


Easy way to prevent this from happening to you...




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