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Welcome to the official website for the Village of Marlborough 

located in south Saint Louis County, Missouri!


Our mission is to support a quality of life that facilitates growth, safety, health, and prosperity for our residents,

businesses, and visitors with a safe and thriving environment to live and work. 

Village officials are committed to providing responsible and efficient services.


Located in south St. Louis County, Missouri, the village was incorporated on December 13, 1944 and has a population of 2,235 (based on the 2000 Census).  Village Hall is located at 7826 Wimbledon Drive, 63119.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am -3:00 pm


Situated along the old Route 66, by the intersection of Watson and Laclede Station Roads, Marlborough's location is convenient to most St. Louis area amenities and attractions.  The Village is a proud member of the  St. Louis County Municipal League, Missouri City Clerks and Financial Officers Association, Association, and Suburban Mayors.


The village is one of ninety-one municipalities located in St. Louis County.  The form of government consists of a Board of Trustees, elected at large.  The seated trustees choose a chairman of the Board from one of their own.  The chairman duties are similar to those of a mayor, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the village.


The Village; as set forth in the Missouri State Statutes; are allowed to have only one form of government and that is an elected Board of Trustees. In villages with a population under 2,500, the board of trustees consists of five members.  Trustees are elected to two-year terms.  The elected officials consist of five residents elected at-large, with a chairman being elected by the seated trustees.  The Chairman has duties similar to a mayor, with one major difference; a chairman is allowed to vote.  The Chairman may vote on any issue before the board. The Code of Ordinances places legislative and policy-making authority with the Board of Trustees.  


The trustees in Marlborough, also, perform additional duties according to the position they are assigned.  These positions include:

  • Chairman

  • Chairman Pro-tem

  • Treasurer

  • Building Commissioner

  • Street Commissioner

  • Sewer Lateral Administrator

  • Code Enforcement commissioner

  • Solid Waste Commissioner


     Appointed positions in the village include:

  • Village Administrator / Clerk

  • Municipal Attorney

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Skip Bornmueller
Joan Doebber
Jan Boergadine


As a life long resident of the Affton area and a graduate of Affton High School, I have lived in Marlborough since 1969.  Becky, my wife of 50 years, and I raised our 2 children here.  I served 3 years in the United States Navy with 2 tours of duty in Vietnam and I am member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  I have retired from Martin Overhead Doors in 2016. 


I have had the pleasure of serving as a trustee for the village since 1997, eleven of those years serving as the street commissioner.  

In the past six years, every street in the village has been repaired, over laid, and sealed using mainly grant funds with minimal use of general revenue funds.  I have served as chairman of the board since April 2009. 


My goal for the Village is to maintain it as a good place to live, raise a family, and conduct business.  This includes fiscal responsibility, improving communication between Village Hall and the residents, and maintaining the infrastructure and equipment.     



A Marlborough resident  since 1970, my husband and I, also, own and operate a business located in the Village.  My education in business and marketing, growing up in a family business, and learning about responsibility at an early age played an important role in my life.  For 2 1/2 years my husband and I traveled throughout South East Asia and the Far East, visiting military bases during the end years of the Vietnam War.  When back in the U.S., I became the first woman hired as a general manager for one of the 52 national profit centers for Cory Food Service, a Hershey company, and operated that facility successfully for over 10 years eventually ranking 1st or 2nd in the nation for sales and profit.  My additional management experience has been in a computer processing, telephone answering service and secretarial service that I purchased and operated until joining my husband in his business.


In 2003, I became a Village Trustee and have served as Treasurer for our Village. I try to use the same management principles for the Village as I have in the corporate arena and keep a watchful eye on investments and expenses.  My goal is to refine forecasts for budget figures, ensure that we can continue to hold our tax rates at the same rate, be cognizant of any village concerns and work for the entire community (residents and businesses).




A lifelong resident of Affton, I graduated from Affton High School and received my Bachelor’s degree from Lindenwood University.  I am a Sales Representative for TSYS Merchant Solutions, an electronic payment processing company. 


In 1997, I bought my home in the Village of Marlborough and became a Board Trustee in 2006.  While serving on the  board, my main goal is to continue to improve the Village of Marlborough financial condition so that we can maintain the low property tax rate and keep the services currently offered to our residents.


Small communities, such as ours, face economic challenges and with the right planning and good fiscal practices, we will remain a community where families and businesses thrive.

Joe Wendling
Doug Hollander



My involvement with the Village of Marlborough began in 1992 and I took up residence here in 1998.  My background includes a B.S. in Business Administration degree from the University of Missouri, St. Louis in property management.  I started in the field of property management in 1988 at a complex in the Central West End, St. Louis.  In 1992, I became manager for the General Grant Apartments and remained there until a promotion in 1995 to Marlborough Trails Apartment complex.  My leisure time activities include reading and mountain biking. 


I was delighted to have been chosen by the Board of Trustees to serve in a vacated position.  I have been involved with the Village officials and police department since 1992 attending meetings, offering thoughts and concerns, and problem resolution.  My position on the board is that of Street Commissioner.  I will continue to see that the streets remain in great shape and aid in improving those with issues.  


While serving on the Board, I would like to see continued improvement in our neighborhoods, answer to needs and wants of our residents, and incorporate the residents in the apartment complexes into village life.  By making the Village a desirable place, we will be able to keep property values up and be able to continue to make improvements.


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