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The Village of Marlborough contracts with St. Louis County Police Department for our police services.  This contract provides for a uniform presence 24 hours a day and provides our residents with highly trained officers who respond to any emergency and for calls for service.  There is always one officer on duty to patrol the Village.  This patrol includes our residential neighborhoods, three large apartment complexes, and over 100 businesses and motels along Watson Road.



Resident involvement along with a constant police presence is necessary in discouraging and preventing residential crime.  It is important for any resident to call the police when you see suspicious activity or something that just makes you feel uncomfortable.


Too many times, calls are made to Village Hall about an activity that has taken place and it is too late for the police to follow-up on.  While we appreciate being updated on activities in the neighborhood, it is imperative for you to call the police when there is suspicious activity, so that a proper investigation may be made.




  • CALL 9 1 1 when there is a crime in progress, a fire, a medical emergency, or when someone is in physical danger, or in other situations in which help is needed immediately. The 911 number works on your cellular phone the same way as on your home phone. There is one major difference that you should be aware of. Unlike your home phone, your exact location and phone number are not displayed. The police or emergency services dispatcher will not know where you are calling from. You must provide the specific location of where help is needed.


  • For those situations in which the immediate intervention of emergency personnel is not needed, call (636) 529-8210), the 24 hour general information line of the County Police Department.


  • Our officers are headquartered at the Affton Southwest Precinct at 9928 Gravois.  Their number is (314) 615.4266. 

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