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The following pages contain advice from our officers to keep you, your family, and possessions safe and secure.  If there is a topic of concern for you, please let us know! 

Our officer would be happy to address the issue.





The Village of Marlborough is patrolled by St. Louis County Police.  There is a dedicated officer assigned to the village from the third precinct.


In the past few months, there have been calls to village hall about various suspicious people or activities.  While village officials are appreciative of being informed, the first call to be made is to the police.

For emergencies:

CALL 911


For non-emergencies:

Call 636-529-8210


If there is something in your neighborhood or business that you witness or makes you uncomfortable, please call the police department first.





The St. Louis County Police Department would like to help keep you from becoming the victim of a preventable crime.


The increased popularity of stereo equipment, mobile phones, and other personal electronic devices has encouraged thieves to break into unattended vehicles.  This type of crime occurs when vehicles are left unattended with valuables in plain view.


Stealing property from vehicles is a crime of opportunity.  If you remove the opportunity by locking doors and removing items from sight, you significantly reduce your chance of being victimized.


The St. Louis County Police Department has put together these helpful hints to decrease your chance of becoming a victim. 




Crime statistics show vehicles with items of value left in sight are prime targets for theft.  For example, vehicles with visible mobile phones, radar detectors, briefcases, purses, or gym bags are often targeted.




*  Place valuables out of sight, preferably in the trunk, or take them into the house at night.  Normally, thieves will only break into a vehicle if they believe it contains valuable property.  It is common knowledge that briefcases may contain checkbooks, wallets, watches, or other small electronics.


*  After securing your valuables out of sight, lock your car doors, and make sure your windows are rolled up tightly.


*  If your automobile is equipped with an alarm, activate it!!  It can be an effective tool.


*  DO NOT hide spare keys on the vehicle; the thieves can find them.


*  If possible, park in well-lit areas.


*  Report any suspicious activity as soon as possible.  This could save you and/or your neighbors from being victimized.  Call 911 and stay on the line if you see or hear something that seems unusual.  Try to get a description of the suspect (s) and their vehicle, however, do not  confront the suspects.




*  GPS devices

*  audio/visual equipment

*  mobile phones

*  personal electronic devices

*  purses/wallets

*  sunglasses

*  checkbooks

*  cameras

*  spare change

*  compact discs

*  power/hand tools

*  briefcases

*  gym bags

*  auto parts/car batteries


You can increase the chances of your property being recovered and returned to you if it is stolen by recording the models and serial numbers.  An additional way of marking the property for identification is by marking it with an Owner Applied Number, which is a number of your choosing separate from the serial numbers.  DO NOT use your social security number for this purpose.

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